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Welcome to the Glace Bay Heritage Museum website. While we would always love to see you in person, we are delighted that you are stopping in at our site for a slice of our town's history and hospitality. Feel free to explore all we have to offer on the site including our news page and gift shop. If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.
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The Glace Bay Heritage Museum
The Glace Bay Heritage Museum celebrates a century of change, chronicling the everyday lives of the townsfolk. Anchored by dramatic displays dedicated to the town's founding industries, coal mining and fishing, the Museum is a testament to the struggles and triumphs of its people.

In the Old Town Hall where Glace Bay's past was forged, its story is being preserved so that future generations may understand and appreciate the rich history they share with those who walked these halls before them. From its growing collection of artifacts and photographs, and with assistance of the Glace Bay Historical Society, the Museum creates temporary theme-based exhibits that deliver slices of Glace Bay's History.

Glace Bay Heritage Museum Society
Facing the loss of one of the last remaining heritage properties in a town that was once know as "Canada's largest," the citizens of the former mining community moved to oppose to the Municipality's proposed destruction. They insisted that this important piece of Glace Bay's proud past must be saved. From the ranks of hundreds of "Bay Byes" who rallied to demand a reprieve for the Old Town Hall, the current Glace Bay Heritage Museum Society was born.

With assistance from the three levels of government, support from the corporate sector, and through the generosity of countless individuals, in 2003, on the eve of the Old Town Hall's centennial, the Society fulfilled the first of its mandates when it re-opened the Old Town Hall and unveiled its Glace Bay Heritage Museum and Old Town Hall Gift Shop. Presently, the ground and second floors have been re-stored, including the courtroom, council chambers, and open exhibit room. The Museum Society has set its sights to creating permanent sports, entertainment, and industry displays on the second floor and re-storing the jailer quarters on the third floor.